What is mortgage and how it really works

Posted by on Oct 30, 2016 in Mortgage

What is mortgage and how it really works

There are a lot of people who are eager to move away from home and start their own families without their parents in the same house. People who want to start a new business and try to reach success on their own. But, they don’t have enough capital to actually do so. If you are one of those people, we suggest you stick around and read what’ve we have in store for you today. Today we will talk about mortgage, the one thing that can help you achieve your goals. Now, to begin with, mortgage is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever take. So if you ever decide to take it, be sure to think long and hard before you do that. And inform yourself about everything there is to be informed about. To help you better understand mortgage and how it works, we have prepared this little article.

Mortgage is a secured loan. Being a secured loan makes it a lot different than other kinds of loans you might take for your car or a credit card. If you’re taking a loan for a car or credit card debt, you’re taking an unsecured loan. What is the difference between secured and unsecured loan? Well, secured loan works like this. You go to a bank and ask for hundred thousand dollars loan. The bank says, alright, but we will need that loan secured. The loan will be secured on an asset you’re planning to buy ( let’s say you’re buying a house worth a 100 thousand dollars).

insurance-claimsNow this deal is both sided. Banks love secure loans. If you agree to participate in a secured loan, you will have much lower interest rates. And we’re talking much, much lower, for the arguments sake let’s say the interest rate will be 4 percent. And if you’re taking unsecured loans, the interest rates may go up to even 30 percent. But why banks love this arrangement is of course not because of low interest rate, but because if you fail to repay the debt. They will legally seize your house and sell it in order to retrieve what they loaned.

More Advantages

Another advantage of taking a mortgage is because the deal is secured, you can take more than one. If they know they can get the invested money back by seizing your property, they won’t have any problems lending you as much money as you want.But there is one trick to it. The banks will never lend you the exact amount of what your hypothetical house might cost. Like we mentioned above, let’s say the house costs a hundred thousand dollars, the bank will ask for a deposit first, and this deposit, let’s say is 30 thousand dollars you will have to pay up front.

The bigger the deposit is, the more likely you are to be given a loan. On the plus side, the interest rates will be a lot lower than they would have been if you deposited only 10 thousand dollars.


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Similarities and differences between a co-signer and a guarantor

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When you want to apply for a loan, a large choice of loans will be ahead of you. Depending on the amount of money you wish to borrow, your credit rating and the purpose of borrowing money, you may or may not be granted a certain kind of loan. When your credit rating is not ideal, being granted a loan may pose a problem. This is when people decide to have a guarantor or a co-signer for their loan agreement. Because such agreements allow even individuals with low credit rating to obtain a loan from a bank or other financial institution. Both a co-signer and a guarantor are there to strengthen the loan application of the borrower. There are certain differences between the two when it comes to their liability and responsibility for the repayment of debt.

Co-signer and a Guarantor

A co-signer is equally liable for the repayment as the borrower, which means that he is obliged to help repaying the debt when the primary borrower is not financially strong enough to do so. The lender takes into consideration both the borrower’s and the co-signer’s credit rating when the borrower applies for a loan, and they both need to submit their assets and liability statement. When the lender calculates the debt-to-income ratio, he takes into consideration both the borrower’s and the co-signer’s financial liability.

what-is-loan-insuranceWith a guarantor, the situation is different. Guarantor to a loan agreement is a secondary form of repaying the borrower’s debt. The guarantor is not equally responsible for repayment of the debt. He becomes responsible only when the primary borrower has absolutely no other ways of repaying it. This type of loan is very common in business world. Where the borrower is a legal entity (a business) and a guarantor is a private entity (an individual). Only after the business has no other ways of repaying the debt, the guarantor becomes responsible to repay the remainder of the sum.shutterstock_96276791(1)

Guarantor and a Co-signer Advantages

Having either a guarantor or a co-signer to your loan agreement has its advantages. They both help you get a loan by raising the debt-to-income ratio calculated by the lender. Which makes you liable for getting a loan eve if your credit rating is bad. This makes it easier to get a loan, and if you repay the debt in time, it can even raise your credit rating. That will make you liable for being granted other loans in future.

prestamos-a-extranjeros-300x194On the other hand, there are risks of being both a co-signer and a guarantor. These risks represent the major difference between the two entities. If a loan agreement with a co-signer is not fulfilled, both the primary borrower and the co-signer are responsible. The lender has the right to pursue both of them immediately, and the assets of both are at equal risk. For the guarantor, as he is a secondary signer of the loan agreement, the risk is lower. The guarantor becomes liable for repaying the borrower’s debt only after the borrower has absolutely no more means of repaying it himself. Therefore, the risk for the guarantor is much lower in a loan agreement than it is for a co-signer.


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Mortgage, deposits and LTV

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Mortgage, deposits and LTV

Mortgages are the most important financial commitments people make, and because of this, they should be thoroughly informed. In this article we will go over what you should expect about mortgages, how to prepare yourself for applying for mortgage and general information on how’s and why’s. Mortgage is a secured loan and as such it requires an asset upon which it will be secured. If you go to a bank and ask for a mortgage, that means you’re willing to give your house or business to the bank if you fail to repay the debt. Banks love making secured loans because their money is guaranteed to be returned, unlike the unsecured loans. Now what you should expect when you apply for mortgages.

Banks do not give mortgage to anyone. They are scared they will lose money and in order to secure their money they have to make a good deal. That is why the banks never lend the full amount of money. In order for you to get a loan, you have to first make a deposit. Let’s say you’re buying house worth 100 thousand dollars. To get a mortgage for that house, you will have to come up with a deposit which makes a certain percentage of those 100 thousand you want to borrow.


hoa_rents_units_in_complex_090914-resized-600The bigger the deposit is, the more chance you will get the desired mortgage, plus, the higher it is the lower the interest rate will be. So, if you come up front with 30 thousand dollars and say you want to get mortgage on that 100 thousand dollar house, the bank will agree, lend you 70 thousand and make a deal that if you fail to repay the debt, they will seize the house. The reason why banks do this is that the market value of real estate occasionally drops as well as it rises. If a bank were to loan you the full amount of money the house costs, after some years you’re not able to repay the debt and they sell it when the market value drops, they lose money.


As a last bit of this article, we will talk about LTV. Now, first, what is LTV. LTV stands for ” Loan to Value ”. Your house costs 100 thousand dollars, that’s the full value of your house. You’ve asked for a loan and came up with a deposit of a certain sum. The full amount of the house minus the deposit equals to what the bank is going to loan.
So if you’ve come up with 30 thousand, the loan will be 70 thousand dollars. Loan to Value is exactly as it says, 70 thousand compared to 100 thousand dollars. It always gets viewed in percentage, so your LTV is going to be 70 percent. This LTV is the standard on how the banks decide if they’re going to loan you the money or not.

The higher your LTV is, the less chance you will be able to get a mortgage. So before you decide to apply for mortgage, scrape as much money as you can from your family or friends and then go and apply.



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Receiving Payday Loans without Bank’s Help

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Receiving Payday Loans without Bank’s Help

There are companies that have made it possible to raise a loan without bank’s help. Even TODAY you can get payday loan!

If you thought that you cannot build your future plans or solve the current financial crisis without the bank’s help, you are wrong. These companies offer payday loans without the bank’s help of up to $900. You can get a payday loans even today by signing in to their application form for a loan.

The difficult period in life affects each of us. This period does not choose any time, any place. What we’re almost sure that when there is a difficult period in life, we want to make the right decision. How many times did it happen that your bank account is blocked? That the card does not have enough money, that you have got a reminder that you have to pay money immediately. You have come to the bank and you were rejected unfortunately. They will not check your credit and bank condition, but they offer you a payday loan without a bank’s help which you can get even today!

How to get a payday loan without a bank?

Quite simply, with just a few mouse clicks and only 2 minutes of your own time, they will approve your application form and transfer money to your bank account as soon as possible. All you have to do is fill out the application form and apply for a payday loan without a bank.

Companies of this kind give loans without a bank’s help:

pd210These loans are very safe and reliable. No matter that you are not dealing with your bank directly, you will get money exclusively to your account in electronic way. Their services are provided through the Internet to their customers so as to transfer money in the shortest possible time. This saves customers’ time by providing them fast express services like fast payday loans over the Internet, short-term payday loans, micro payday loans in different amounts of money with different conditions and payments.

Why raising payday loans without the bank’s help?

Most of the companies that provide payday loans without the bank’s help are part of Ferratum Group which is a leading provider of mobile financial services in the EU and worldwide. They work with over 2 million satisfied customers whom they are able to provide discrete and easily accessible payday loans without banks over the Internet and through mobile devices at any time.


Their services are appreciated because of the instant approval of a payday loan which exceeds banking services. Their business is focused exclusively over the Internet so you do not have to walk with a pile of papers and fear because you have forgot some important paper and whether the loan will be given to you. Contact these companies with confidence and ask for a loan even today without the help of the bank. I am sure that they will approve it to you as soon as possible.



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Firms Providing Short-Term Payday Loans: Detailed Information

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Firms Providing Short-Term Payday Loans: Detailed Information

How many times you were without money in your pockets? For example, you went to your bank and they rejected to provide you a loan; also, your colleagues have just shrugged with shoulders because they cannot help you either. Thus, there are online firms that can help you by providing you a payday loan. This would be the money you need and the money which you just cannot receive from your bank. So, according to your bank: you are incapable of getting a loan there. Next, you do not have a contract for indefinite, or your employer won’t give you the entire salary… Therefore, why do not you try and contact an online company that will give you a payday loan?

Short-term loans will help you if you are in a financial crisis and have financial problems 

One can never have enough amounts of money; also, bills that are unpaid that accumulate day after day only create additional stress that will have an effect on your own business and your health. Therefore, you can contact these companies in order to give you short-term payday loans amounting up to $900.As you can assume, short-term payday loans are related to the short period of the paying off of the borrowed money.

Why should I contact corporations that give short-term payday loans? 

Simply because they wish all their clients feel secure and feel no stress. They will provide their clients a safe and quick money payment through several services that they possess in their offer.

Short-term payday loan will go directly to your checking account as soon as it is possible. Also, when returning the loan, you the pay the money borrowed to their bank account.

They will offer short-term loans by simply sending an SMS or online.  

The positive side of this service is to decrease the costs that are additional. Also, you should not be worried about your employment status since you can get short and quick payday loans without the employer’s certification, without paperwork, standing in lines and hours spent in waiting at counters.

Also, these online companies offer short-term payday loans by sending an SMS, using the Internet, or email as well as phone. Furthermore, they won’t ask you about the reason you are borrowing the money. The only thing you need to do is filling in the application form; also, you can contact them over e-mail, phone and their agents will talk to you and give you some advices. They will be there for you when you are thinking that there is no exit from the financial bad situation you have found yourself in. Also, these payday loans have helped a large number of people so this means that they will assist you, too! Their helpful and professional staff will help you with choosing the right sum of the money you will borrow from them.




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